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Multisource Document Services, LLC (MDS) is a transcription company that utilizes both local and remote transcriptionists, with skills in medical (all specialties), legal, law enforcement, courts and corporate. Dictation is distributed among MDS associates through secure centralized voice recording systems. These recording systems allow authors to leave dictation via the telephone, hand held recorder, microphone or the Internet. Authors always have access to their voice files and receive text files through secure Internet connections that meet or exceed published HIPAA guidelines.

MDS currently maintains offices in Colorado and utilizes experienced transcriptionists for voice to text transcription, Quality Assurance, management and priority transcription requiring quick response. However, most dictation is automatically processed through the centralized voice recording system that has the capacity to handle large amounts of voice files, document storage and distribution. This allows MDS to offer clients scalable price options for dictation, transcription and long-term storage for document management.

The transcription market is dominated by large transcription services with inflexible dictation and transcription programs. In some cases the author and/or transcriptionist are required to purchase proprietary hardware and/or software. Client dissatisfaction with poor service, limited purchase options and obsolete hardware are the areas where MDS can help.

MDS utilizes secure Internet links and encryption to ensure that all voice files entrusted to the company for transcription and distribution are protected. MDS maintains an extensive group of professional transcriptionists throughout the country who are matched with the dictation requirements. Voice files are collected and stored on the MDS server and distributed to transcriptionists via the Internet. All MDS transcription is typed in the US.

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