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Jobs with Multisource Document Services

Using AAMT guidelines, Multisource Document Services, LLC offers the following levels of compensation for independent contractors. At this point we have no positions available with employee status. For an explanation of the differences between IC and employee status, please visit the following web site: MyLawyer.com or read this article on the website FindLaw.com


TRAINEE: An IC working as a trainee has less than one year of experience as a medical transcriptionist, has completed a course of training as an MT by an accredited trade school and may or may not have completed an internship. Work produced by a trainee will be fully edited and corrections/feedback will be sent to the IC Trainee with the goal of continuing education and productivity for the IC Trainee.

A trainee is expected to have the following:

  1. A basic understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology accompanied by excellent English grammar skills.
  2. A good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  3. A reliable Internet connection by an established ISP (high-speed preferred)
  4. A working knowledge of Internet FTP transfers.
  5. Transcription software and foot pedal capable of playing a variety of wav files.
  6. Reference materials recommended: Current edition medical dictionary, current edition drug book, medical spell check program. Additional references may include: Abbreviations and eponyms reference, a current medical terminology book.

LEVEL I: Basic knowledge An IC working at Level I has one to two years experience transcribing clinic/office notes, correspondence and other non-technical medical documentation. IC will need assistance interpreting dictation that is unclear or inconsistent and will require full editing.

LEVEL II: Seasoned knowledge: An IC working at Level II has two to five years experience as an MT, working on a variety of accounts and specialties, including hospital basic four. IC must have the ability to resolve non-routine problems independently or with minimal assistance from account manager. Work performed at this level requires monitoring with second-level editing with maintenance of 98% accuracy. (Second level editing - filling in of occasional blanks)

LEVEL III: Advanced knowledge: An IC working at Level III has greater than five years experience as an MT including specialty clinic work and acute care basic four. IC is able to handle multiple account types and accents including specialty clinic and hospital basic four with the ability to maintain an accuracy level of 98% or higher. Editing at this level consists of second level monitoring only.

EDITOR/SUPERVISOR STATUS: Expert knowledge. IC compensation based on experience, ability and productivity.

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