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At Multisource we are proud of our track record in providing quality service to our past clients and we are dedicated to maintaining high quality standards for our current clients. When we receive a new account, we evaluate the qualifications of our existing transcriptionists and match them to the requirements of that account. We look at what is required in terms of years of experience, types of reports to be transcribed, specialties of doctors that will be dictating, and the turnaround requirements of the account. We work diligently at matching the right transcriptionists to the account requirements.


Each year many transcriptionists either retire or leave the transcription business. The community colleges and business schools do not have the ability to train new transcriptionists fast enough to support the demand.

Training new transcriptionists and integrating them into the MDS work force is a major goal. MDS actively works with transcription schools reviewing the progress of the students and offering jobs to those who pass the company`s rigorous testing process.

Quality Control

All transcribed files go through Quality Assurance before being returned to the client. All work is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the client is getting the best product possible. All transcribed documents are returned to the client within 24-48 hours at 98% accuracy or better.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours per day by calling 303-885-4288.

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